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Alpin Weld
Alpin Weld

Repair & Maintenance

Welding & Fabrication

Alpin Weld offers a comprehensive solution that encompasses Welding / Fabrication & Machining, complemented by our Offshore Renewables division that delivers on-site installation, modification, and repair services.

Our workforce, armed with GWO certification, is multi-talented, enabling us to operate at height using Rope Access, as well as working in Confined Spaces.

With consistent progress and investment in the welding & fabrication field, we’ve positioned ourselves to aid significant repair and maintenance projects within strict timelines, setting Alpin Weld a step ahead in the industry.

Coatings & Anti-corrosion

In addition to our support in the asset maintenance field, Alpin Weld is equipped to offer expert guidance from Level 3 FROSIO/NACE certified inspectors, while also supplying the workforce to carry out offshore paint and coatings applications to the highest industry standards.

As is the case with all our services, this can form part of a larger project or a standalone requirement, with supplementary services such as rope access available as needed.

Alpin Weld is capable of delivering a comprehensive solution to corrosion protection, encompassing various methods of surface preparation ranging from pneumatic bristle, grit blasting, to ice blasting. This ensures effective corrosion prevention through robust coatings application.

Mechanical and Hydraulic maintenance

At Alpin Weld, we are specialists in delivering robust solutions in mechanical and hydraulic maintenance within the oil, gas, and wind farm sectors. As the pace of these industries accelerates, the need for efficient and reliable maintenance practices has never been more essential.

Our wealth of experience spans across diverse mechanical and hydraulic systems that form the backbone of oil, gas, and wind farm operations. Recognizing the vital role these systems play in maintaining optimum operational efficiency, we prioritize consistent checks and comprehensive servicing.

For the oil and gas sector, our services are tailored to the unique needs of both onshore and offshore facilities. We meticulously handle everything from routine checks and maintenance of drilling equipment to the repair and replacement of critical hydraulic components. Our team is well-versed in navigating the challenging environments of offshore drilling rigs and onshore installations, always ensuring that your operations remain seamless and efficient.

In the wind farm sector, our maintenance services focus on the upkeep of turbine components, primarily the hydraulic systems that control blade pitch and yaw mechanisms. We understand the impacts of wear and tear due to constant exposure to harsh weather conditions, and our preventative maintenance aims to mitigate these effects.

At Alpin Weld, we believe in proactive maintenance - foreseeing potential problems and addressing them before they escalate into major issues. Our team of certified professionals is committed to ensuring the longevity and performance of your mechanical and hydraulic systems.

Invest in reliability and efficiency with Alpin Weld – your trusted partner for mechanical and hydraulic maintenance in the oil, gas, and wind farm sectors.

See our high performance for yourself!

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